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  • Sigal Ben-Rafael Galanti with Paz Carmel and Alon Levkowitz

Innovations in Israel’s Civics Textbooks

Sigal Ben-Rafael Galanti with Paz Carmel and Alon Levkowitz

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sigal Ben Rafael Galanti et al civics paper in Isarel Studies Review
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Classic Western democracies (those of Western Europe and

the Anglophone world) view the teaching of civics as a policy instrument

through which liberal values, democracy, and even globalization

are introduced to future citizens, thus expecting to assure the persistence

of democracy. In present-day democracies in general, and mainly in non-

Western democracies, however, civics assumes other forms, including the

study of nationalism. This article analyzes innovations in the teaching of

civics in Israel by examining the changes in school textbooks that accompany

changing national leaderships. We highlight the current Israeli high

school civics textbook, written under a significantly rightist-religious

government. Assuming that civics textbooks express the political credo

of ruling elites, our findings suggest similarities between trends in Israel

and non-Western democracies, hinting at the fragility of democratization

in general and chiefly outside the West.


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